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Integrated API of
8 Exchanges
We provide integrated API of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe for two specific reasons. Firstly, we will allow any global users to gain access to our platform no matter of regional limitation. Secondly, we will help our arbitrage trading bots (WS) to effectively trade across different exchanges and make profit.
 Our Platform is
Fueled by KBOT Token
“Our Smart Contract Digital Protocol, KBOT Automatizes Every Commercial Activities Within the Platform including Profit Allocation, Transactions, and Reward System.”
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50% Distributed 

42% Escrow 

8% Korbot LABS 

Our Partners

Business Partners
We focus on fostering meaningful and sustainable partnerships with a variety of world-class organizations, blockchain technology firms, and institutional investors. Through our support and collaboration, we combine deep experiences to nurture the growth of algorithmic trading culture and thus the Korbot Platform. We are proud to partner with and sponsor:
  • okex
    Venture capital fund of OK Group, OK Blockchain Capital will provide well-established infrastructure and networks to achieve the proliferation of algorithmic trading in CC market.
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  • btrade
    B-trade is a Korea Cryptocurrency Exchange which also provides services like ‘Bitcoin Price Prediction’ to its customers. B-trade’s spirit of challenge will inspire Korbot Platform to come out with unique services to users.
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  • blockz
    BlockZ is a firm which provides consulting service of Blockchain Technology and commercialization of Cryptocurrencies. BlockZ will navigate to deepen the knowledge and understanding about Blockchain.
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  • coinsum
    Coinsum has provided back-end software for multiple crypto-currency exchanges, and also has diverse customer base including mining pools and wallet providers.
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  • airbloc
    Coinreaders is a Blockchain Media which provides various contents about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Coinreaders will assist Korbot Platform by supporting newest info of the field and publishing articles.
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  • airbloc
    BlockSource provides top-notch blockchain solution to multiple blockchain projects led by large industries. BlockSource's technology will minimize the operational cost and maximize efficiency for the platform.
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Our Advisors

Advisory Board
We provide insights, professional experience, and networks to help the platform become good to great.
Our Key Difference
Market-Proven Product
Charged for 5 Years
Our service has been used by 3500 individual investors for the past 6 years of operation with charged fee.
Quantitative Approach to
Cryptocurrency Investing
In additional to core principles, scientific research and world-class algorithm, we use machine learning and data technology.

Our Investors

Our Investors
We believe that simply raising certain amount of fund cannot be a real investment. We feel proud to say that the relationship between Korbot Platform and our investors is not all about the money. We share our ideology, experience, knowledge, and passion for the shared vision : Spreading the algorithmic trading culture in the cryptocurrency market. With this confidence within us, we introduce our Investors without hesitation.
Venture capital fund of OK Group, OK Blockchain Capital will provide well-established infrastructure and network to Korbot Platform to achieve its ultimate goal— the proliferation of algorithmic trading in CC market.
Need Partnership?
We are looking for businesses and institutions who hope to cooperate with Korbot Platform and Korbot LABS. Regardless of size, nationality, type, and history, please speak with our member and help us foster algorithmic trading movement in the cryptocurrency trading market.
 [email protected]